Leo Motors Develops New Improved BMS Technology

Electric vehicle technology company Leo Motors announced that it has developed a more innovative Battery Management System (BMS), to solve the safety and quick charging problems often experienced with Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Leo’s new BMS can charge at a current of up to 4C (4 times the rated capacity of the battery per hour). Existing BMS could only charge at a current of 0.5 C (half of the rated capacity of a battery per hour), For example, a 30 kW battery power pack cannot charge more than 15kW per hour using existing BMS because the BMS can manage only half of the electric power per hour. Using Leo’s new BMS, the power pack can be fully charged in about 15 minutes under a quick charging mode.

Another improvement of Leo’s new BMS is that the size of the BMS became 70% smaller than existing BMS. Leo intends to develop its technology further, making major parts of the BMS into silicon chip to further minimize the size and reduce the heat emitting from inside of the BMS. Leo also plans to develop its BMS technology to charge at a current of up to 12 C, which would allow a full charge in about 5 minutes.

Leo’s new BMS will be tested by battery manufacturers and EV manufacturers seeking a product or marketing opportunity. Dr. Robert Kang, CEO, stated, “Our BMS technology is the key to our Company’s continuing development, as it is the most crucial part in EV battery power packs, and is one of the most expensive parts in the entire vehicle.”