Canada makes all efforts to develop organic solar battery

Recently, Canada’s national research council (NRC microstructures science Institute, Institute for Sciences Microstructural NRC – IMS) scientists and rawalpindi Laval), Universite university (St – Jean photochemical company (St – Jean Photochemicals, Inc.) and headquartered in Massachusetts Konarka company is the production of organic solar cells development cooperation.

To solve the silicon solar panels, big volume and high cost, heft weighs r&d team adopt a low-cost semiconductor polycarbazole to replace silicon polymer. Polycarbazole without special equipment in the factory, using high-speed rotary printing press rotary printing machine () will be a thin layer of such as ink can be printed on a matter of plastic substrates bending. The NRC – IM team Ye Tao, says dr their partners in American factories Konarka company has can print functioning 1 meters wide solar battery, and can be 10 meters per minute printing. Although at present the efficiency of organic solar cells than amorphous silicon, but he expected before the end of the year, to lower cost will polycarbazole efficiency reached 8%, namely can will 8% of the light into electrical energy.

Tao, says dr organic solar cells, due to a huge market potential in soft printed substrate organic solar cell, therefore can widely used in military and everyday use, even can be used to shopping bag and clothing, packing. And organic solar cells biggest advantage is low cost, than the existing technology much cheaper.

Tao of organic solar cells dr was very optimistic about the prospects, he thinks most power comes from now in Canada, large power plants must rely on the power grid, burning increasingly expensive fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide. Owing to the high cost use silicon solar panels, each degrees (KWH) should pay $40 or 50 points. If use grid, each degrees c pay 10 points. But if you have a less expensive organic solar cells and the cost per degree is only $10 points, there will be more people are willing to use organic solar cells, thereby reducing the load, reduce power coal or natural gas, better use of protecting the environment.